by Kirk Wallace
Kirk Wallace, trzown | Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer, Boston Massachusetts
Art prints, t-shirts, stickers etc for sale. Illustration & graphic design by Kirk Wallace


I'm an illustrator and graphic designer with a computer science degree which gives me a very unique and powerful perspective in the design world.

Kirk Wallace Self Portrait Illustration


trzøwn/ˈtrizzOwn/ ) is the illustration studio of Northeast-located, cartoon-watching, skateboarding, illustrator, animator and printer Kirk Wallace.

The studio is based on the fundamental idea that by working on projects we love passionately, with close knit teams of people, honesty, detail and personality, we can succeed together and have a blast doing so.

Whether for art prints in the shop or client commissions, with a degree in computer science, there’s a logical, concise, organized and speedy approach that is applied and then contrasted by creative partner, skülboy. This lanky skeleton counterpart works with Kirk harmoniously to balance all that logic and organization to bring out the creative, wonked-out, energetic side of trzøwn. Think Calvin and Hobbes but one you can hire to make things and solve problems.

Through this near perfect balance, the two put their heads together and grind out some seriously custom and carefully cared for solutions and products that focus on illustrations with a fun, somewhat wacky, and always appropriate style.

Photo: Monica Justesen Photography

Photo: Monica Justesen Photography


I run a small and mighty print shop from my studio where I work on artwork ready for your naked walls to hang, wear, or stick. Everything shipped out has my heart and soul jam packed to the brim.


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Illustrations / Art Prints / Mascots / Character Design / Children's Books / Book Covers / Stickers / Gig & Event Posters / Iconography / Album Art / Art Direction -- anything you see in my portfolio, most likely a bunch more.